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Why Your website / Blog is Not Making Good Money?

Why Your website / Blog is Not Making Good Money?
As you recognize that blogosphere is growing day by day and each web user in changing into publisher currentlya days. The goal of virtually all of these is same and it's creating enough smart cash and being wealthy from their diary. however it's not very easy to create a diary which can be like associate degree ATM Machine. Blogging desires plenty of patience, bravery and toil. have you ever ever asked the skilled bloggers that however they were getting into the start days of blogging? They clearly say that it had been like fighting with the tiger. It suggests that that they had place their hardest work to succeed in at that place. Recently, some individuals asked American state that their diary isn't creating cash and nowadays i am progressing todescribe some reasons for them.

Reasons Your Blog Is Not Making Money..

Here I've listed below some major reasons or mistakes as a result of them your diary isn't creating cash. scan the every each reason and additionally apply the given ways to induce obviate them.

Low Traffic..

Traffic is one amongst the foremost necessary and also the want of each blogger. If you have low traffic thenfor certain you're not earning. For earning from a diary, traffic is should as a result of if you have traffic then individuals are going to be clicking on your ads. The additional traffic, The additional earning. there fore currently traffic is vital and that i suggest to try and do SEO for your diary. Land on the SEO Page from the highest navigation bar and begin learning SEO.

Poor Ad Network..

If you have smart traffic then you must apply to any smart advertising network. i like to recommend for Google Adsense, Yahoo Ads, BuySellAds. These area unit the simplest networks that offer high quantity if we tend to compare them to others. Stop exploitation poor ad networks that provides a penny when per weekand check out the great networks. this can be additionally the rationale of not earning cash.

Wrong Ads Placement..

The ad placement is additionally necessary for you. There area unit some special places in blogs there will | we will | we are able to} get higher impressions and high clicks which can facilitate United States in obtaining more cash. Here is my recommendation for ad placement. Ad within the header right aspect, below the post title, when finishing post, sidebar and at the tip of content wrapper. These area unit good places to implement ads and for certain you will get high impressions there.

Blog Is Having More Ads Than Content..

This can also be the rationale that your diary could also be choked with ads. however ? Let American statejustify. have you ever enforced ads all over in your diary? If affirmative then you must understand that your blog is choked with ads and it's not smart. Or your diary could also be having additional ads than content. The diary is often scorned by individuals if it's having heaps of ads. therefore my recommendation is that you simply ought to implement solely 3/4 ads in your diary. though you are exploitation Google Adsense then you almost certainly understand that Adsense does not show ads quite three on one website however ifit's premium Adsense publisher then he has permission to use four ads. additionally specialise in providing content and it'll facilitate plenty.

Focusing guests To Click On Ads..

This is the foolish mistake that is being continual by several fledgling bloggers. when implementing ads, theyraise their relatives, friends and guests to click on their ads. this can be not legal. If you scan the policies of the network that you are exploitation then you'll understand that Clicks solely are going to be accepted ifthey're generated by the visitor's interest and clicks generated by bots are going to be caught and you'll beillegal. therefore you must perceive that do not focus your guests to click on ads. and do not use pop ads to induce the next financial gain.


So friends these area unit some reasons that I've represented to you. and that i hope you'll overcome these reasons. attempt to perceive the blogging and persist the correct method. If you go along with wrong ways that though works then it'll be closed presently. therefore it's higher to try and do some toil and opt for the correct method of blogging. If you have another reasons then please do share with United States. we tend toarea unit desirous to learn from everybody. regardless of World Health Organization you're. Take plenty of care of you and your family. Happy Blogging!

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